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For First Time Users - Register & Create an Account

Note: If you previously created an account and want to register the same student, add a sibling, or new student, login to your family accountDO NOT create a separate account.

  1. Click on the corresponding school icon below and fill out the registration form.
  2. Create a username and password for your family account on the checkout page.
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Blue Valley

Prairie Star 


Overland Trail
Aubry Bend

Pleasant Ridge


Family Account Login for Returning Users

If you have previously registered your child, follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for returning users:

To register the same student:

  1. Login to your family account.
  2. Click "Registration History" tab.
  3. Click "Register" link (blue paper and pencil icon).
  4. Choose "Register (followed by the name of the student)" from the dropdown.
    Note: The form will auto-populate the answers based from your previously submitted registration. Please review and edit the answers such as Grades and others if needed.
  5. Choose the activity/sport then continue, and submit the registration.

To add a new student to your family account:

  1. Login to your family account.
  2. Click "Registration History" tab.
  3. Click "Register" link (blue paper and pencil icon).
  4. Click "Register a new student" from the dropdown.
    Note: Fill out the form as a new registration.

If you have any question, please contact:

Mindy Herzog - Blue Valley HS

Bryan Salsgiver - Blue Valley MS
Kyle Braden - Prairie Star MS

Kelli Kurle - Blue Valley North HS

Sandi Lauer - Leawood MS
Nicole Orrick - Overland Trail MS

JoAnne Maloney - Blue Valley Northwest HS

Emily Wilson - Harmony MS
Jon Holsapple - Oxford MS

Leslee Nelson - Blue Valley Southwest HS

Ryan Colburn - Aubry Bend MS

Kevin Simmerman - Blue Valley West HS

Brooke Ash - Lakewood MS
Derek Adams - Pleasant Ridge MS